Sunday, December 30, 2007

One hell of a season(and I do mean Hell)

No defense. No offense. And for some reason you kick the ball to Hester. Words can not describe the digust in my heart right now. I am using all the restraint I have right now ot to use a lot of profanity in describing this season. Instead, I will just say that my patience and faith are waivering right now. I will probably be gung-ho next season but today, as I sit here typing with bitterness in my heart and fingertips, I'm not sure if it will be the Saints that I am gung-ho about.

Friday, December 28, 2007

It's all a blur to me now.

The last several weeks have been really hectic. So here's my chance to let you know what's been going on. First of all, we went to thanksgiving at my Moms and there was a butt load of people. it was fun. The week after that was my last week of student teaching, I had alot of loose ends to tie up and managed to give a unit test on my last day. That's right, I am the meanest teacher ever! That is how November ended. Now it was time to get a job. I was waiting for some people to call but the phone just wasn't ringing so I tracked down the e-mail addresses of some principals in my area and told them about myself and that I would be interested in talking about any available positions. The phone started ringing. Initially it was just middle schools. Then Central Lafourche called. I went to see the principal and the meeting went well. He said he had a position that would start in January. I said I was interested. So, I worked as a sub the 3 weeks prior to Christmas break. I am looking forward to having my own classroom and torturing the youth of the bayou. I got my degree in education from UNO on Dec. 15th. yea me! My Dad, sister,and sisters boyfriend came down from Oklahoma. I thought that was nice of them. We, plus my local family and our friends from the mid-west, went to Liuzza's for lunch. It was delicious.
Christmas was nice. We kept it as low profile as possible. We were able to see a lot of family. Unfortunately we were not able to see my dad's side of the family, which is probably good, I don't know how many more BAMA jokes i can suffer through(and no, I'm not switching to LSU).
Here are the highs and lows of the past month.
The lows: Christmas shopping. It's not that I don't like Christmas shopping, it's just that I feel pressured to buy a gift for everyone. I feel like I am expected to get something for everyone I know. For example, if you go to a persons house for a christmas party do you have to bring a gift? Do you have to give a gift to your grandparents? I think Christmas could learn a few things from Thanksgiving. I mean it's just like Christmas but with out the stress of shopping and the depletion of funds from the bank(rupt) account. Well, and the baby Jesus.
The highs: Oh the food. Lots of food. Which is good and delicious, but after days of gorging myself could be considered a low. This year I solved the puzzle. I took Sadie out for a run everyday, except the day it rained, and instead of making a big plate I mades several small plates that I ate over a distibution of time. I still think I gained 5or so pounds but I didn't have that nasty bloated feeling. Another high was seeing family and friends. I hate that I didn't see all the family but you know what, I did what I could do. I still love you all, and hope to see you soon (especially you Maw-Maw, someone pass that message along for me please). And finally, one of the high points of the holiday season, other than getting a job, is the annual broadcast of "it's Christmas Charlie Brown" I especially love the scene where Linus tells the Christmas story, it chokes me up every time. If anyone asked me what Christmas is all about I would sit them down and make them watch it . The animated dancing also rocks. Finally, I took a few minutes this year to consider what christmas is really about. I Thought of that first Noel when the "Lord's boy" was born. I pictured the teeny tiny baby jesus in a manger, laying in his Bassinet wrapped in a onsey pj set with footies from baby gap, playing with his Baby Einstien moblie While Mary, Joseph, and the 3 wise-guys(yeah, they were from Sicily) have a Madden tournament on the Wii. Yeah, that's Christmas to me. It was a great month, It all seems to have flown by. It's all just a big blur to me now, except the heartburn.
The joke in the title is that the pictures are blurry, get it?