Thursday, March 27, 2008

Crescent City Classic 2008

Saturday, March 22nd, I ran the Crescent City Classic 10K(6.2 miles) in 1:01:49. That's 1 hour, 1 minute, and 49 seconds. My goal was to beat 1:06:00. I did it! My pace was 9:59 per mile. My original goal was to run 11:00 per mile so I met that goal as well. here are some pictures of the day. The people that you might not recognize are out friends Keith and Julie, They are from the Midwest but currently live in the Bayou. They run marathons but were very kind in cheering me on, they made the sign. The picture of Sadie shows her wearing my running socks. She accompanied me on most of my training runs so I couldn't leave her out. She's a great running partner, until she sees a cat or a squirell, then it's hang on to your britches time.
Easter week turned out to be pretty decent. Friday we went to Slidell. We put Sadie in a kennel for the weekend. It was probably worse for us than for her. But, since we are going to Disney world for a week in June I thought it best to start getting her used to being boarded. The lady at the kennel said she did great and was sweet. I already new that but I guess it was nice to hear. Saturday was great, the race went well and we had a good time hanging out in the city afterwards.
Sunday, we went to Baton Rouge to visit my brother and his clan. Gotta give some props here, the BBQ was freakin' awsome. The kids were all quite agreeable and overall it was just a good day and good company.
Monday, we got Sadie back from the kennel. Or as I like to say, that's the day I sprung her from the pen. It was also my mothers birthday. K, Moms, and me did some outlet shopping in gulfport, we spent 2 hours at Hudsons, I think I deserve a reward for that. We did Copelands for dinner. I created a new dish combining the catfish acadiana and the topping from some other dish with crabmeat and shrimp. Quite tasty if I must say. Tuesday we went to Baton Rouge, K had class there. While she was in class I took Sadie to the dog park. It was awesome. She loves the dog park. At one point all of the dogs were chasing her in a big circle but she kept weaving between the trees so they couldn't quite catch her.
After her class, we headed back to the bayou. The rest of the week We stayed pretty laid back. did some shopping, some exploring, and K actually did some work, I ran a couple days and that was enough work for me. So now it's monday and I'm back at working wishing that I was still on vacation. The students have been pretty good today, I found an activity that is keeping them busy so my day is going pretty smooth. There are 2 months until summer break, the problem is that there are no breaks or 3 day weekends betwenn now and then. I suppose this is the part of the year where I just put my head down and push forward until it's all over. I try not to think about how far away summer is but I am living on the fact that it is right around the corner. 2 more months-it doesn't sound too bad.......or does it?

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I Wrote a Simple Song

If you don't know who the man in this picture is then I'll tell you. His name is Billy Preston and he passed away june 6, 2006. Though you may not know who he is you are probably familiar with some of his work.
He is one of the greatest keyboard and organist ever. He was also a great song writer and human being. Instead of writing a narrative I will just make a list of just a few of the things he did in his 59 years on earth.
-Wrote the songs "You are so beautiful", "Will it Go 'Round in Circles", "Nothing From Nothing".
-Played on 3 Beatles albums including Let it Be, The white album, and Abbey Road.
-Played at the Beatles last ever live performance, the "roof top" concert
-played with ray charles, including rays final album "Genius loves Company"
-played on several rolling stones albums including "Miss You"
-also played with Aretha Franklin, Sly and the family stone, Sam Cooke, Little Richard, Nat "King" Cole, the Jackson 5, Bob Dylan, Barbara Streisand, Eric Clapton, Geaorge Harrison, Ringo Starr, Sammy Davis Jr., Quincy Jones, Jonh Lennon&yoko ono, and B.B. King.
-And so much more.

I know that this may not be of much importance to a lot of you that read this blog(if anyone still reads this blog) but I like Billy Preston and wanted him to know that his life and work are important to me. But, since he is not here, I'll tell you instead.

The title of this blog comes from a BP song Titled "I wrote a Simple Song". But not only did he write a song with this title but his most famous song, "you are so beautiful" is a very simple song with one verse. BUT, if you know the truth then you know that the song actually has a second verse. Why Joe Cocker chose not to use it is beyond me. I suppose the truth and heart in the first verse said all that needed to be said. Who Knows?