Monday, November 26, 2007

Coming Soon...

Hopefully I will have a chance in the next few days to put up a post about holidays and family. Or maybe one about finishing swchool and looking for a job. At any rate, stay tuned for loads of fun and lots of banjo music!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Greatest songs from the 80"s

Last night I was flipping through the channels and came across the countdown of the greatest songs of the 80's on VH1. So, I thouhgt I would make a list of my top 5.

5. Beat It/Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) Both of these songs are awsome. MJ completely dominated the airwaves and MTV when the Thriller album was released. He gets the number 5 spot for two reasons 1. They played these songs on rock, pop, soul, country, and every other radio station. The guitar solo on Beat It, played By Eddie Van Halen (what other reason did you need?).

4. Jump (Van-Halen) Because it's Van Halen, that's why. Also because this song was huge. Everybody was listening to it and it was on the charts and radio forever. It was like its own dimension. It had its of climate , it was huge, and it rocked.

3. Wild Thing (Tone Loc) Because The sample they used was from Van Halen's song "Jamies Crying". Also, because of the line "Couldn't get her off my jack, she was like static cling, But that's what happens when body start slappin', from doin' the wild thing". Classic.

2. Every breathe you take (the Police) When I was in 4th and 5th grade my brother and I, and other neighborhood kids, would go to the community pool to stay cool. Every day while swimming, and staring at the one particular lifeguard (i forget her name but think of it like the connection betwwen "squints" and Wendy Peffercorn in the movie "The Sandlot") this song would come on every day. In fact, it seemed like it came on every half hour. It has forever become know in the mind of my brother and I as a "Pool Song". There are several others but this is the greatest of them all. Unfortunately, it has no connection to Van Halen except that the band broke up in the 80's and the original line ups have gotten back together and are on tour right now (minus van halen bass player michael anthony who is currently being replaced by eddies son wolfgang).

1. Whip It (Devo) Crack that whip! Whip it! Whip it good!
What else do I have to say?

Saturday, November 03, 2007

So, I hear there's a big game on today.

Sadie's ready!
I figure that some of you may be looking for a prediction. Well, I'll say what I have said since the begining of the season. LSU SHOULD win this game. But, they also Should have beat Kentucky. They also had close, laser close, calls against Florida and Auburn. The point here is that it's anybody's game. Of course I'll be pulling for Bama. I'm still not completely sold on Saban, but the more reading and investigating I do the less I don't like him (take a second to re-read that last sentence). I think this will be a good game. I don't think Bama's D can stop LSU's offense but they might be able to slow them down. On the other side I also think LSU can slow down Bama. It comes down to turnovers.
I plan to walk around quietly with my head down tommorrow and Monday But if Bama wins you will all recieve Taunting e-mails from me immediately after the game. Typical! And as always, ROLL TIDE!