Thursday, June 28, 2007

Insomnia? Probably not.

So, I was laying in bed trying to fall asleep but it just wasn't happening so I figure instead of keeping Kristi(and Sadie) awake with my moving around I would come piddle on the Internet until I get really tired. I read a comment on a friends blog dealing with the Saints releasing kick returner Michael Lewis. What my dear friend said (in essence) was that it was good to get rid of Lewis because he was a throwback to the "old" Saints. "Old" meaning "losers". This hit a sore spot with me. It is true that the Saints haven't been the most successful team in NFL history and it is true that we, as Saints fans, haven't always had a lot to cheer about. But I think it is very unfair to suggest that everything from 1967-2005 was all crap. Michael Lewis, prior to blowing out his knee was one of the best and most feared return men in the league (and yes, it was a fumble). But, his release has nothing to do with him weighing down the team with past failure. The fact is that it frees up a roster spot. Reggie will return the kicks (there are others guys chomping at the bit to help in this role as well). Lewis was a returner only who never turned into a great or reliable receiver. Thus, he became a one trick pony, a great kick returning pony, but a one trick pony nonetheless. Reggie on the other hand is able to do several jobs which means the Lewis' roster spot can be used to fill a need, and yes we do have needs.
What aggravates me is that Saints fans are acting as if our history started last year. It was a great year and the future looks bright but let us not forget that we looked like crap in Chicago. Our savior of a coach called a terrible game and our anointed players dropped the ball, repeatedly.
Saints history is filled with some great players and great moments. football in New Orleans did not start with the arrival of Reggie and Drew.
John Gilliam returned the Saints 1st kickoff for a touchdown. Dempsey-record breaking kick-to win the game. Manning-do I need say anything. The dome patrol. The only time the entire linebacker corp from a team started in the prow-bowl together. We have had some great players and some not so great, but all of those guys had one thing in common-they played to win. They came up on the short end more often than not, but they still played to win. To suggest that what those men worked for means nothing is a slap in the face to a fan like me who has shared in the victories and felt the sting of defeat that Saints alums have felt. I will miss Michael Lewis, Just like I miss Dalton Hilliard and Vaughn Johnson. They were great Saints who Played Hard, who played to win. I hope we go to and win the super bowl. And part of me hopes that Fred Thomas has an interception return for a touchdown to win the game. O.k., its a very small part of me. To say that "the saints are smart to disassociate themselves people who remember the bad times" is a slap in the face to Michael Lewis, who busted his ass on every play and it is a slap in the face to every saints fan who cheered for the black and gold(see 1965-2005).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Don't hassle me, I'm on Precation

It's getting close. I don't have to go back to work until next monday (a week from today), thus I dub this my precation. The vacation doesn't start until after my final on Wednesday morning. But, at least I don't have to go to work, YEA! Wenesday we are heading up to Gatlinburg for a few days. We're gonna do some hiking and white water rafting. I love the mountains, probably even more than I like the beach. I like the fact that I don't get sand in my unmentionable places, Ha!
So, I think the fun of Myspace has worn off. It was fun and exciting for a couple of weeks but now it seems to have lost it's luster. I'm considering deleting it, the one good thing about it is that I have talked to my sister more, and since we hardly ever talk that may be reason enough to keep it. I suppose that if I contacted more people then more people would probably contact me. but let's face it, I'm a little lazy and typing on this keyboard requires work. I've also been in a funk lately and haven't felt like being social so I really have made no effort to communicate with people. But I feel better today. It's good to know that my plate has much less on it today than it has in quite awhile and it will be nearly empty after wednesdays final. Imagine that, I'll have free time. I won't know what to do with myself. Maybe I should get a hobby like spearfishing or archery or mastering the blow gun, any thing that has me doing something with a pointy projectile. Or, I can become a conspiracy theorist. I can uncover the truth that Ringo was the mastermind behind the beatles and prove that he, in fact, was both the eggman and the walrus (koo koo ka choo). Well, I can feel myself begining to ramble so I will sign off. Rambling, isn't that something people with free time do? Yea for rambling! Precation Rulz!