Friday, September 21, 2007

I felt so symbolic yesterday.

Some times I don't understand things. One example is the title to this post. It's a line in the counting crows song "round here". What does it mean? what does it feel like to feel symbolic? I don't know.
What I did feel yesterday, was like a teacher. A real teacher. I'm not sure what it was but I actually felt like I was truly in control of my classes and I felt like real work was being done and learning was taking place. It felt good and I was proud of myself and proud of my students. I felt like I was really prepared and that I was properly preparing them for the upcoming test.
Today, was a good ay as well. The odd thing is that 2nd period I have a class of 11 students who all seem very bright and capable. I expected them to be my best and easiest class to deal with. Instead, they are wearing my patience very thin. They have about a 10 second attention span. That class is followed by a class of 30 that I fully expectd to be the class from hell. Truth be told, other than the fact that the room is packed to the gills, it has become my favorite class. The students in this class are among the lowest achieving that I teach. But, they are never disrespectful and when you get them engaged in an activityb and they get started, the room falls completely silent and the only sound you hear are pencils scratching away on paper. I often find myself not wanting to interupt them for fear that they will get out of "the zone".
The lesson here is that you can't really judge someone, or a group of someones, until you get to know them. I rushed to judgment on these two classes and have been humbled by my actions. The lesson here is that you should not rush to judgement. especially if you don't know who, or what you are talking about.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Purple and Gold

For starters, if you say your colors are purple and gold then you should actually where gold. The saints, for example, wear black and GOLD. LSU, however, wears purple and YELLOW. Thats probably why I don't like LSU, because their YELLOW.

But, the reason why I bring this up is that Friday was Spirit day at Hahnville and the teachers and students were encouraged to wear purple and gold to support the team. I however, do not own anything purple and gold (I also don't own anything purple and YELLOW). So, I wore a blue shirt because I sure as hell wasn't gonna go out and buy something with purple and YELLOW on it. But I will say this, I'll wear what ever they want if they hire me in december. But until then I will continue my purple and YELLOWless life style with a big smile on my face.

For the LSU fan's reading this let me just say that your team is looking really good right now and they are very worthy of their #2 ranking. As usual, LSU is number 2, ha ha you're number 2.
For more information on the picture above go to my blog entry from September 27, 2006.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Random rusings about television

At one point in my life I went for a little over a year with out cable. Truth be told, I didn't really miss it. I had a make shift antenna that allowed me to pick up 4 channels. I watched a lot of Bonanza that year. It's amazing to think that Hoss and Little Joe could be related. Since that time I have lived with and without cable. At one point I even had free cable for a little over a year. Then, the cable gods sent their wrath upon me and I was smit off the cable. So, now we have cable, which we pay for. We get 78 channels, but there never seems to be anything good on. Now, I am happy that we have cable during football season but because there are no good tv shows on I constantly rely on football as my entertainment. As a result, I am already getting tired of watching football. The ladies reading this are probably thinking that its amazing that a man would get tired of football and the guys are probably thinking that there is something wrong with a man who gets tired of football. So, let me clarify. The problem is that there is absolutely nothing worth watching on tv. For example, the one show that I feel I must watch on weekly basis is "the rock of love" on VH1. For those who haven't seen it, its like a rock and roll version of "the Flava of Love" that features Brett Michaels (of Poison fame). So how sad is my life? pretty bad eh?
Last night K and I couldn't find anything to watch so we actually watched a show called "desicion house". The premise of the show is that couples who are having problems come into the house and have 3 days to decide if they want to work on their relationship or get a divorce. What's more entertaining the watch people fight about wether or not to get divorced? It seems sad to me that there is so little good on tv that a network would actually show a program like that.
I know that reality shows are all the rage but maybe would should draw the line somewhere. I mean whats next?
What it all comes down to is that we have become to reliant on the television to entertain us. we can't create our own fun anymore, we can't communicate with each other anymore.
So should we just turn off the tv? Well, that's up to you. As for me, I'll be watching the Alabama Vs. Arkansas on Saturday and the Saints and Buccaneers on sunday.
But, when the games are over and their is nothing good on, I will start turning in off and spending a little more time with K and Sadie-Head. After all they are what really matters.