Monday, October 19, 2009

It's good to be the King!

The Saints are 5-0 and just kicked the crap out of the Giants. Our defensive backs did NOT get beat by the long ball. we actually ran the ball and created turnovers. we opened holes and protected Brees.

Alabama ran the ball all over the old ball coach and is playing dominate defense. Ranked #2 in the BCS and # 1 in the AP. Sophomore Mark Ingram, 24 carries, 246 yards. Dominance.

LSU is in turmoil, the natives are restless. The masses are calling for Les Miles' head.

It's good to be me today.


curia_regis said...

And of it all, I don't understand why so many people are so dissatisfied with Les Miles. I could see if LSU was 2-3...but 5-1, losing only to #1 Florida in a close game? That doesn't make sense at all.

Maybe if they lose to Auburn this weekend or Auburn then Alabama then Arkansas...but after losing to Florida doesn't make sense to me.

In 2003 when LSU won the National Championship, they had similar trouble against Florida losing 19-7, their only points coming on a Skylar Green punt return. Chris Leak exposed the soft middle in the LSU defense, but no one thought, after the Florida game that the coach should be fired. And what about the Georgia game earlier that season when Mauck to Green was dialed up in the NW corner of the endzone (right in front of the students) in the waning seconds. What about in 2007 when LSU beat Auburn on the last play of the game (Flynn to Byrd, I think)? Close wins & losses don't give cause for the coach's head to roll.

The point is LSU has a history of winning by small margins against Florida. Take out the 3 year Zook era in Florida history and LSU's 3 wins against Florida since 1990 come by margins of 7 (1997), 4 (2005) and 4 (2007). They also have a history of getting blown out by Florida, most recently by 30 points last year. 13 points is the least they've held Florida to since the Gators scored 7 against the Tigers in 2002 in the forgettable Zook era.

Against a team that beat you by 30 last year, that is returning 17 or 18 starters, including all 11 on defense...that is the undefeated defending national champion...what would you expect?

Maybe LSU fans are still stewing over the Tigers' last minute victory at Mississippi State. Consider this: Florida has not won at MS State since 1985. FL doesn't play MS State every year but Galen Hall, Steve Spurrier and Ron Zook failed every time they traveled to Starkville to play the Bulldogs. Saturday is Urban Meyer's first trip as Florida's Head Coach (unknown if he's visited there prior to). Although LSU doesn't typically struggle in Starkville, apparently some good teams do...that's my point.

If LSU fans are so anxious to get rid of Les Miles, who then do they propose that LSU hires? Which coach wants a job that 3 11-win seasons, a national championship, 4 bowl wins and a 5-1 start means a pink slip? As ludicrous as this sounds, LSU CANNOT WIN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP EVERY YEAR. I know that's a controversial statement in tiger town, but it's just not going to happen.

Scott said...

Thank you for supporting my point, I could not agree with you more. And that is why I laugh in the general direction of LSU fans.